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All About Vision
This website is to provide consumers with an independent source of trustworthy information on eye health and vision correction options.

American Optometric Association
The American Optometric Association leads the way in its mission of improving the quality and availability of eye and vision care everywhere. AOA helps optometrists provide over two thirds of all primary eye care in the United States.

Crizal® Lenses
Every day, millions of people suffer from eyestrain caused by glare on their glasses. Tired eyes find relief, anti-reflection and renewed clarity of vision with Crizal lenses. The Crizal advantage is clear. You'll see.

Kremer Laser Eye Center
Kremer Laser Eye Surgery Centers are internationally recognized for their expertise in eye surgery of all types. Kremer's state-of-the-art, sterile surgicenters are up to ten times safer than typical eye centers. Their eye surgery centers are among the most advanced in the world. The combination of surgical expertise in the "Kremer technique" and an intense focus on sterility means that you face less risk with Kremer than with other eye centers. And more experience and less risk equals better results for you.

New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians
The mission of the profession of optometry is to fulfill the vision and eye care needs of the public through clinical care, research, and education, all of which enhance the quality of life. Doctors of Optometry are independent primary health care providers who examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures as well as diagnose related systemic conditions.

Thin&Lite® Lenses
Thin&Lite® Lenses are made from high-index plastic resulting in a thinner, flatter more comfortable lens. With a higher refractive index Thin&Lite lenses produce the same vision correction as a regular plastic lens but in a thinner and flatter lens-for improved appearance and better vision.

Varilux® Lenses
Varilux lenses enable your eyes to make a smooth, gradual transition when you change your focus from near to intermediate to far vision. Unlike bifocal lenses, Varilux lenses eliminate the line that creates an abrupt, annoying vision change from near to far vision.